Hearing Aids

You may be surprised by the modern hearing aid. They are very small and sleek in appearance. Today the modern digital hearing aids have a built-in microchip and are programmed by your hearing healthcare provider to your individual hearing needs.

What to expect when trying hearing aids for the first time

When you wear hearing aids for the first time you will hear sounds that you haven’t heard in a while. Sounds that you may have forgotten about. Hearing some sounds that you haven’t heard in years might make you emotional. It could be the sounds of birds, sounds of your grandchildren giggling or just being able to understand when your friends or family members are having a get together and being able to take part in that conversation. It will be a wonderful and life changing experience.

Which hearing aid style is right for you?

There are two main styles of hearing aids: those that fit behind the ear and those that fit right in the ear canal. What’s best for you is indicated by your hearing loss, lifestyle and preferences. Your hearing health care provider will recommend which style is best for you based on those factors.